Best Home Tanning Bed (Jul. 2022) − Reviews and Buying Guide (2023)

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Sun Technologies Solar Wave 16 – Best Compact Tanning Bed


  • Size: 74 x 33 x 24 inches
  • Weight: 130 pounds
  • Number of globes: 16
  • Voltage: 110
  • Warranty: Frame lifetime, powertrain 2 years

This value for money tanning bed produces fast and quality results. It is a popular unit and is comfortable and efficient. Sun Technologies has a reputation for effective and affordable home tanning beds. The 16 Lamp option is well-priced, quite compact and ultra-effective.

Sun Technologies is a well-loved brand of home tanning beds. It comes close to commercial models without the additional cost.

Number of lamps

This tanning bed has 16 quality bulbs for consistent and even results over your entire body. The bulbs are extremely efficient and produce fast results.

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Quality of lamps

The 16 Wolff lamps have a good output and cover a large tanning area. They are also extremely efficient. There are 8 bench and 8 canopy lamps.


It works off 110 volts so can be used at home without the need for an electrician. Simply plug it in and start enjoying the benefits.

Additional features

The bed is comfortable and durable. It has a lifetime frame warranty, two-year powertrain warranty and half a year for the shocks and acrylic. Even the bulbs come with a 90-day warranty. Another benefit of this tanning bed is that very little assembly is required.

The build is durable and the acrylic sheet and aluminum construction are tough yet comfortable. This tanning bed will deliver years of quality performance and pleasure.

It is made in the USA and has a manual 30-minute timer. It comes with UV protection for your eyes.


  • 16 Quality lights with high output and efficiency
  • Little assembly required
  • Not so large as most tanning beds
  • Easy to clean
  • Comfortable
  • Bulb replacement is easy
  • Value for money
  • Two-year powertrain warranty


  • Not the longest tanning bed so taller people might not enjoy it
  • Some customers have issues with the hydraulic lid
  • The bulbs are not the most durable
  • Some customers found the timer alarm to be too noisy


Sun Technologies Solar Storm 24S – Best Efficient Home Tanning


  • Size: 83 x 39 x 24 inches
  • Weight: 220 pounds
  • Number of globes: 24
  • Voltage: 110
  • Warranty: Lifetime on the frame and 10 years on the electrical components

Again, Sun Technologies make very effective and efficient tanning beds! This model is of a generous size and allows for a fast, comfortable and professional tan. This is one of the top-selling home tanning beds and received lots of positive feedback.

Number of lamps

There are 24 lamps in total. These are made up of 12 bottom and top high-output lamps as well as 12 SunFusion lamps that focus on the arms and face. This increases the tanning surface by 30% and gives your entire body an even consistent tan. All the lamps are highly energy efficient.

Best Home Tanning Bed (Jul. 2022) − Reviews and Buying Guide (6)

Quality of lamps

The bottom and top lamps are rated for 1000 Lamp Hours and have a UVB rating of 6.5. The high output SunFusion Lamps for arms and face also have 1000 Lamp Hours and a UVB rating of 7.5.

The lamps can be upgraded to Wolff Max Bronze Lamps. These lamps offer 1200 Lamp Hours with an impressive UVB rating of 9.9. This “Inferno” upgrade will speed up the tanning process and will work with a 15-minute timer.


The voltage is 110 volts so no electrician is necessary for installation. An important feature of this tanning bed is the Fulham Electronic Ballasts. These are extremely efficient and consume 40% less energy which will save you monthly costs on your electricity usage.

Additional features

The Solar Storm 24S comes in three colors and very little assembly is required. It has a 20-minute timer and comes with UV eye protection. The digital timer will also advise you on lamp replacement. It has a tough aluminum frame that has quality reflectors and acrylic sheets.

The frame has a lifetime warranty and the electrical components have a 10-year warranty.


  • Great energy efficiency
  • Fast results
  • Good even tanning is achievable
  • Decent space
  • Can be easily upgraded


  • Care must be taken not to burn or harm your skin under the powerful bulbs


Solar Storm 24R – Best Tanning Bed for Power


  • Size: 83 x 39 x 24 inches
  • Weight: 220 pounds
  • Number of globes: 24
  • Voltage: 220
  • Warranty: Lifetime on the frame and 10 years on the electrical components

Another great home tanning bed from Solar Storm is the powerful and spacious 24R 22V option. If you are looking for something with a higher output this could be a great option to consider.

Solar Storm is a well-established company that makes popular tanning equipment for the commercials as well as the home market. They are easy to customize if you wish so.

It is a 220-volt tanning bed so you can expect higher power and faster results than many other models.

Best Home Tanning Bed (Jul. 2022) − Reviews and Buying Guide (9)

Number of lamps

This model has more than enough lamps and ensures an even tan over your full body. The 24 lamps are high-performance and highly efficient. This will give safe results in minimal time.

There are 12 Wolff high output lamps as well as 6 Sun Fusion high output face lamps and 6 Sun Fusion high output arm lamps.

Quality of lamps

These are powerful lamps with high effectiveness and good lifespan.


This is a 220-volt model so it has a higher output and performance than 110-volt beds. In some situations, this may require a dedicated plug or an electrician for your tanning bed so be sure to check this out before you decide on the extra power.

Additional features

The tough aluminum frame is robust and has a lifetime warranty. One of the main attractions of this tanning bed, apart from the great power, is the generous space. The dimensions are 83 x 39 x 24 inches. This makes it a pleasure for taller people. As with the other products from this manufacturer, there is very little assembly needed so you can be relaxing and working on your tan within minutes.

The quality acrylic sheets combine with the super reflective aluminum result in high effectiveness. The effect will give you a deep full body tan that will last. The quality and the generous tanning surface will give you a salon tan in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

If you want a relaxing tan on your entire body this is a good option to consider.


  • Good power
  • Fast results
  • Plenty of space
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Comfortable


  • Will not work on a standard 110-volt outlet


Sunfire 24 Deluxe – Best Spacious Home Tanning Bed

Need more space? This is the best choice!

This is a fast and efficient tanning bed that comes with extras such as an attractive base and an MP3 audio system. It is a good looking tanning bed that works well and will accommodate taller people. The cooling fans will allow you to tan in comfort.

Number of lamps

This tanning bed features 24 Wolff bronzing bulbs for a deep and quality allover tan. They are effective and efficient.

Best Home Tanning Bed (Jul. 2022) − Reviews and Buying Guide (12)

Quality of lamps

Wolff bronzing bulbs are known for quality, durability, and effectiveness.


The Sunfire 24 Deluxe Tanning Bed is a 120-volt model. It’s quite a small voltage for a 24-lamp tanning bed and it makes it safer to plug without any professional help, which is usually needed for such kind of tanning beds.

Additional features

Enjoy the safe and soothing cooling fans as you bronze your body. The Sunfire 24 Deluxe Tanning Bed works well on the entire body including the face. It is fast and efficient and has lots of space.

The electronic ballasts make this model energy efficient so it will not cost you a fortune to use. It is super easy to clean and comfortable to relax in. Assembly is quick and easy.


  • Quality Wolff bronzing lamps
  • Energy efficient
  • Spacious and suitable for taller people
  • MP3 music player
  • Smart and stylish
  • Cooling fans


  • Lamps are powerful so cation must be taken to not overdo your tanning


Sunfire 16 Deluxe – Best Equipped 16-lamp Home Tanning


  • Size: 81 x 36 x 48 inches
  • Weight: 190 Pounds
  • Number of globes: 16
  • Voltage: 120
  • Warranty: 12 months


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This is a very similar model to the above option except that is has 16 bulbs. It also features a cooling fan, an MP3 player. This a well-designed and highly efficient home tanning bed.

The Sunfire 16 Deluxe Tanning Bed is packed with features yet will not break the bank. It is a good balance of cost-effectiveness, quality, and benefits. It has 16 powerful lamps, an MP3 system, and cooling fans. It is also a great looking modern design.

Number of lamps and quality

The Sunfire 16 Deluxe Tanning Bed has 16 bulbs, 8 in the bench and 8 in the canopy. This will give you an even tan including your face and arms. The tanning bed uses quality Wolff bronzing bulbs that are fast and effective.


The Sunfire 16 Deluxe Tanning Bed is 120 volts so can be used on a standard outlet without the need for an electrition.

Additional features

This model has pretty much all the additional features you hope for. Relax with your favorite music or listening pleasure with the MP3 player while the cooling fans make the tanning session more pleasurable. It also offers effective face tanning and a great design that will look good anywhere.


  • Appealing design
  • Cooling fans
  • MP3 player with FM radio
  • Very little assembly required
  • Good value for money


  • MP3 player quality is not the best
  • Not the greatest warranty


Tanning Bed JADE 24 ProSun – Best Comfortable Home Tanning Bed

This ProSun tanning bed has good power and quality lamps for a fast and effective home tanning experience. It a generous size and gives an even full body tan.

Number of lamps

There are 24 lamps on the tanning bed. These are made up of 12 x 100-watt bench lamps and 12 x 100-watt canopy lamps.

Quality of lamps

The lamps are commercial grade RUVA (Reflector Ultra Violet A) lamps with built-in reflectors for added effectiveness. The Parabolic reflector system gives a deep and lasting tan. This technology focuses the UVA for a faster and more powerful tan. It is similar to the technology of commercial tanning beds.


The JADE 24 ProSun Home Tan Body is a 120-volt tanning bed. It is 20 amps and 2400 watts.

Additional features

The dimensions are 83″L x 35.5″W x 48″H and it comes in an attractive bronze or red finish. It is well designed with comfort and effectiveness in mind. The frame is open and the bench slightly curved to accommodate your body while delivering an even tan.

You can set the timer to 15, 20 or 40 minutes. Protective goggles are included. The hinges and tubular steel frame have a lifetime warranty and there is almost no assembly required.


  • Solid durable frame
  • Quality lamps RUVA with good power
  • Adjustable gas springs
  • Comfortable design
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  • Somewhat costly
  • Will need a dedicated 20 amp outlet

Buyer’s Guide

Afraid that the epic purchase will not live up to your expectations?

Take it easy and follow the guide below to anticipate and avoid possible problems.

We all want to look good and feel healthy. One way to do both of these things with minimal effort and minimal expense is to have a natural-looking deep tan. This is not always practical to do naturally. There is not always sunny when we need it and it takes time and effort. It can also be dangerous.

An alternative is a tanning bed. In the past, one had to join a health club and pay a subscription or pay every time you use the bed. You had to make an appointment, get dressed, drive to the salon, park, pay and then have a short turn on a bed used by hundreds of others.

Much more convenient and surprisingly affordable is to have your very own tanning bed at home. Sure, you can share with the rest of the family but it is infinitely

There are many advantages to a home tanning bed. You can use it whenever you feel like it without planning ahead and waiting. With such busy lives these days, convenience is essential.

You can use your home tanning bed all year round. It is clean and you have privacy. You will also be able to relax more at home which is an important benefit of a tanning bed. It is also safe and you have control over the bed.

Although it requires a bit of an upfront investment it will soon start to save you money. It is a cost-effective way to keep an even suntan. Apart from replacing lights every now and then and a bit of expense on your electricity bill it is way less expensive than paying a health club or salon every time you want to use a tanning bed.

The health benefits are also great. It will help your body produce Vitamin D which is vital to good health. It can also help with conditions such as Acne, Psoriasis, and Eczema. Tanning in the harsh sun can also be dangerous. A sunbed is safer and gives you greater control over the exposure. You still need to exercise caution but they are less harmful than natural sunlight.

Some of the benefits are debatable but many people believe that the benefits can include a reduced risk of heart disease, the common flu, and multiple sclerosis. It is also linked to improved teeth and bone health as well as weight loss.

Despite all the advantages, don’t just rush out and buy the first one you see. We have taken you through the best and most popular options available but everyone has different needs.

Here are a few important things to look out for when selecting a home tanning bed:

Number of lamps

The number of lamps will range from 16 to as many as 32 on a home tanning bed. To some extent, the more lamps the better. This is, however, not always the case. A lot will depend on the quality of the lamps as well as the design of the bed. Reflective surfaces and powerful lamps can make a big difference. Either way, you want to ensure that the bed will give you an even tan over your whole body. Generally, this needs a fair amount of lamps.

Best Home Tanning Bed (Jul. 2022) − Reviews and Buying Guide (17)

You want to ensure your arms, legs and face still get sufficient tanning. Some beds offer a full body tan and others have specific lamps for your arms, legs, and face. Face tans are lacking in some models so if that is important to you make sure you choose a tanning bed that delivers this.

Quality of lamps

The quality of the lamps is as important as the quantity. Not all are equal. Better quality lamps not only last longer but deliver better power and concentrate the effectiveness better. The UVA rays do the work safely so this is important. You do not want them to emit UVC rays as these can be damaging.

RUVA lamps are amongst the best as they have quality reflection which enhances and concentrates the power and effectiveness. They essentially focus the light better and gives a more even and consistent tan. This quality also makes them more efficient and cost-effective.

Voltage and power

Most home tanning beds are 110 or 120 volts and will connect to a standard electrical outlet. Some have a higher voltage or high amps and might require a dedicated outlet or an electrition. This could add to the cost so take note of this.

Energy efficiency

Some home tanning beds are more power-hungry than others. The better ones will have energy-saving features that will result in lower costs to use. You do not want to stress about electricity bills every time you relax in your tanning bed so for one that is energy efficient.


Better quality home tanning beds are made of quality durable materials. This makes them stronger, safer, more comfortable and more effective. Look at the quality and strength of the materials when considering your options.


When looking at dimension it is important to consider not only the total dimensions but also the size of the tanning surface. Most people will not have a problem with the average tanning bed but taller people should look for one that will accommodate them comfortably. They will need a longer bed with good capacity and a few more bulbs than the smaller beds. In this respect, we recommend Sunfire 24 Deluxe Tanning Bed as this is the most comfortable model for smaller people.

Weight can also be an issue in some cases so if larger people are going to use the tanning bed they should check the recommended maximum weight.

Best Home Tanning Bed (Jul. 2022) − Reviews and Buying Guide (18)

Following on from the above comments on the dimensions are not the only factor that needs to be considered. The position, quantity, reflection, and the number of lamps will have a major impact on the ability to deliver a full-body tan.


Fortunately, most good home tanning beds come almost completely assembled. The better ones will take about ten minutes or so to get fully assembled and ready for tanning. Check this out if you don’t want any delays or hassles when you receive your tanning bed.

The quality of the instructions is also important. Some are simple and clear while some are a bit confusing.


You do not want to put yourself at risk when using a home tanning bed. While it is much safer than natural sunlight you still have to be careful. Understand the power of the bulbs and stick to the recommended time. Start slow and gradually build up time if necessary but never overdo it. The tanning beds all come with timers, use them wisely.

The strength and design, as well as the quality of the lamps, will enhance the safety of the home tanning bed.

Skin protection

Experts do not recommend using tanning beds without any skin protection.

1. It’s advised to wear tanning lotions! Check out highly-recommended options for your skin:

Millennium Tanning Products: Dark Tanning Lotion

Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning Lotion

2. To put the lotion evenly on your skin without any assistance from somebody else, you can use applicators like:

GAIYAH Self Tanning Mitt Applicator Kit

3. Finally, don’t forget to protect your eyes with special eyeshields! Try these goggles:

Super Sunnies Evo Flex Flexible


There are a number of extras on some home tanning beds that might appeal to you.

Cooling fans make the experience more comfortable and help those who battle with the heat last a bit longer. They also help to distribute the heat more evenly.

Best Home Tanning Bed (Jul. 2022) − Reviews and Buying Guide (19)

If you want to listen to your favorite music while tanning then a built-in MP3 player is a great extra. Some people prefer silence and some want relaxing music or even a good podcast. If that is your thing then look for a tanning bed with an MP3 player. The volume and quality are rarely perfect but they will offer you something to entertain you as you tan.

Facial tanners are often an extra feature. The face is often a tricky area to tan effectively and these will help you achieve a natural healthy-looking face tan. They are specifically designed to produce a deep healthy face tan.

For those who are extremely interested in these extras, we suggest Sunfire 24 Deluxe and Sunfire 16 Deluxe, since these are the best equipped models on the list.


Not all features come standard. This is not necessarily a bad thing as it will save you money. If, however, you want certain upgrades some models have this option. This gives you the freedom to enhance your home tanning bed as you go.

Even if you already have a home tanning bad you can always upgrade it with the most efficient and high-quality lamps like famous Wolff Velocity Lamps:

Consider these to kits for better effect:

Wolff Lamp Kit for SunStar ZX30 Tanning Bed − Best For Easy Replacements

These quality 100-watt lamps make an easy and cost-effective replacement kit is you need new or spare lamps. Wolff lamps have been around for some time and are known for power and efficiency.

The kit comes with 30 Wolff Velocity F71 100W Bi-Pin lamps as well as and 30 Philips Body Tone 25W-100W starters. They have a 1000 hour life expectancy.

Lamp Kit for SunVision FS − Best for A Cost-effective Lamp Kit

For an upgrade or replacement parts, this is a great option. You will get 24 starters, a facial lamp, 18 F71 lamps, and 6 F59 Lamps. These are all quality Wolff Velocity Lampsand built for effectiveness and performance.


Apart from a golden brown tan and Vitamin D, you also want your experience on a home tanning bed to be comfortable and relaxing. Some designs are more comfortable than others. Comfort is not the same for everyone and much will depend on your size and weight. Ensure the tanning bed is comfortable and suitable for your needs. Consider Tanning Bed JADE 24 ProSun as its bench is slightly curved to accommodate your body, which is reported to be really comfortable.

Best Home Tanning Bed (Jul. 2022) − Reviews and Buying Guide (20)


While the tanning experience should not be rushed you do not want to spend your life in a tanning bed. Some models are faster than others. This is often a factor of lamp quantity and especially quality. If you do not have much spare time to spend on your tan then consider one of the faster and more effective models.


Any purchase or investment requires a budget consideration. Home tanning beds will work out less expensive in the medium to long term. That is not to mention the convenience and other benefits. There are a number of options and one to suit every budget.

A good home tanning bed can last for many years and give you hours of enjoyment and benefits. Considering spending a bit more to get one that will work well and last a long time.


If you are going to invest some money in a home tanning bed you want to know that it will last for a while. There are a number of factors to consider. The frame is the foundation of the tanning bed so it is good to know most have a lifetime warranty.

Electronics and other aspects will have a short warranty and they are fairly easy to compare. Avoid tanning beds with little to no warranty. Different parts of the tanning bed will carry a different warranty and this is not the same with all models.


There are many good options to chose from and we have highlighted some of the most popular choices. A quality home tanning bed will bring you years of pleasure while keeping you looking great.

While we have only reviewed the very best home tanning beds, one model stands out as the winner. The Sun Technologies Solar Wave 16 Lamp Home Tanning Bed is outstanding value for money with no compromise of space-efficiency or effectiveness. It will give you a year-round bronze tan with minimal hassle and fuss. It is easy to use, comfortable and extremely effective.

Best Home Tanning Bed (Jul. 2022) − Reviews and Buying Guide (21)

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Stop hiding your lack of tan or wasting time and money at the salon and make an investment in a home tanning bed. You will be glad you did. The best home tanning bed is affordable, good for you and a pleasure to use. Treat yourself to a quality home tanning bed and look and feel amazing throughout the year.


What is the best in home tanning bed? ›

Top 5 Best Tanning Bed Review in 2022 - YouTube

Which tanning bed gives the best results? ›

So to recap Level 1 tannings beds are great for tanners needing to save money or looking for a base tan before a vacation. Level 2 tannings beds are the perfect match for tanners needing extra color in the face and other areas that are hard to tan.

What should I look for when buying a tanning bed? ›

What to look for When Buying a Used Tanning Bed
  • 1). Number of Hours on the Tanning Bed. If the tanning bed has a digital timer, most of them have an "Hour counter". ...
  • 3). Tanning Bed Acrylics Condition and Care. ...
  • 4). Overall Condition of the Tanning Bed. ...
  • 5). Check if they have Proper Electrical Requirements.

What is a Level 5 tanning bed? ›

The level 5 tanning beds are our highest-intensity and highest-quality tanning beds. Sessions are six to ten times stronger than Level 1. Tanners who use the Instant level 5 beds can get a dark, natural base tan in only two to three sessions, making it the absolute fastest way to get a natural, golden glow.

Is buying a tanning bed worth it? ›

In case you visit a tanning salon regularly to get a smooth and evenly tanned look, you might benefit in the long run by buying a tanning bed. Owning a home tan bed can cost much less than visiting a salon in the long run. So, it is worth investing in one if you are a regular user.

What type of tanning bed gets you the darkest? ›

While 4-6, referred to as our “Higher Level” beds, tan on the surface level of your skin. They are great for getting you a dark color quickly because they tan the melanin found at the surface of your skin.

Do you tan better on lie down or stand up sunbeds? ›

Since the UV rays in stand-up booths are stronger, you can get a quicker tan. 10 to 15 minutes in a stand-up booth can give you a deep tan. Lay-down tanning beds, on the other hand, require almost double the time. It takes around 20 minutes in a tanning bed to achieve the same results.

How do you get the darkest tan in a tanning bed? ›

Tanning : How to Get a Dark Tan in a Tanning Bed - YouTube

What indoor tanning lotion gets you the darkest the fastest? ›

Tan Asz U BEACH BLACK Max Silicone Bronzer Tanning Lotion 13.5 oz. Tan ASZ U is also an awesome brand of tanning lotions. They have great reviews and great color. Beach Black is great for getting dark fast if you need to.

What is the best tanning lotion to get dark fast? ›

  • Sun Bum Browning Lotion Amazon.
  • Tanning Paradise Black Coconut Love Tanning Lotion Amazon.
  • COCOSOLIS Choco Suntan & Body Oil Amazon.
  • Australian Gold Australian Gold Dark Tanning Accelerator Lotion Amazon.
  • Somewhere on a Beach Instant Dark Tanning Lotion Amazon.
  • The Fox Tan Rapid Elixir Ulta.
  • Maui Babe Browning Lotion Ulta.
Apr 20, 2022

Whats the difference between a bronzing bed and a tanning bed? ›

Bronzer beds can deliver a longer-lasting, darker tan than regular tanning beds, but may require multiple sessions to do so. A bronzer bed is a kind of tanning bed that delivers a darker tan that lasts longer than tan achieved on regular tanning beds. These results, however, are achieved through multiple sessions.

Which tanning beds are safest? ›

Tanning beds are NOT safer than the sun.

Science tells us that there's no such thing as a safe tanning bed, tanning booth, or sun lamp. Indoor tanning can increase the risk of developing the two most common types of skin cancer — squamous cell carcinoma by 58% and basal cell carcinoma by 24%.

What's the difference between a commercial tanning bed and a home tanning bed? ›

While a home bed might get used a few times a week or even once a day, a commercial bed can get used several times a day and every day of the week. To meet that challenge, commercial beds are often made with tougher materials, such as steel and thick acrylic.

What is the difference between home and commercial tanning beds? ›

While a home bed might get used a few times a week or even once a day, a commercial bed can get used several times a day and every day of the week. To meet that challenge, commercial beds are often made with tougher materials, such as steel and thick acrylic.

Why are stand up tanning beds stronger? ›

Stand-up booths are capable of giving you a deeper tan. The bulbs used in them give off stronger rays compared to a tanning bed. The higher intensity of the UV rays increases melanin production which results in a darker complexion. For those who want more than just a “sun-kissed” look, stand-up booths are better.

Are some tanning beds safer than others? ›

Tanning beds are NOT safer than the sun.

Science tells us that there's no such thing as a safe tanning bed, tanning booth, or sun lamp. Indoor tanning can increase the risk of developing the two most common types of skin cancer — squamous cell carcinoma by 58% and basal cell carcinoma by 24%.

What are the different types of tanning beds? ›

There is more than one type of sunbed and most tanning salons will consist of three different types, these being low pressure beds, high pressure beds and a booth. Low pressure beds are traditional tanning beds. UV rays are emitted in a spectrum that is similar to natural sunlight.


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