How to Use Chaise lounge and chaise longue Correctly (2023)

A chaise lounge is a long, low couch for reclining, which has a back and only one armrest. Chaise lounge is the Americanized version of chaise longue, which continues to be the accepted spelling in British English. Chaise longue is a French term that literally translates as long chair. British English retains the French spelling, American English reinterpreted the term as chaise lounge around 1800.

The plural form of chaise lounge is chaise lounges. The plural forms of chaise longue is either chaise longues or chaises longues.


During the winter, Wayne Schimpff’s husky curls up outside his Chicago home on the snow-covered chaise lounge for a nap. (The Daily Herald)

Achaise lounge and a metal planter were bent, but the pool and diving board appeared undamaged. (The Modesto Bee)

Hence, the burlesque segment, where “I’m Into You” offers the four female dancers doing a Bob Fosse-style routine with chairs, setting up Lopez doing corset-and-stockings chaise lounge contortions to “Girls.” (The Las Vegas Review-Journal)

The American alteration of the French chaise longue, which literally translates into long chair, the chaise lounge was popularised by the Romans in banquets where reclining was a part of the meal. (The Hindu)

For the past few years I’ve felt like a lone voice on the chaise longue as increasing numbers sign up to health clubs and the total value of the fitness industry spirals ever upwards. (The Independent)

There was the glorious cover of The Man Who Sold the World (1970), in which he reclines on a chaise longue in suburban noweheresville in a dress. (The Evening Standard)

Around the Olympic-sized pool, sexy guests drape themselves over chaise longues while a DJ spins electronic beats. (The Telegraph)

In the flat that became my mum’s final home, numerous grandchildren got tucked up using ancient Arab rugs, sofa-cushions and moth-eaten chaises longues. (The Daily Mail)

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