Poolside Bed | Poolside Furniture (2023)

Our poolside bed are available in variety of different colours and weaves, adorned with cushions lined in the best outdoor fabric. The courtyard provide an innovative range of pool side wicker and wood loungers, pool chairs and pool table also.

In order to manufacture poolside bed, we make use of graded raw materials, rattan, wicker, Indonesian wood, Aluminium and latest technique our specialised team make your poolside bed as per your requirement. Our products are highly acclaimed by our client all across the globe due to their light weight furniture, durability, study, smooth edges and modern designs easy to clean and maintain. Our poolside furniture is high in demand among our esteemed customers. We have been supplying wholesale rattan poolside bed to reputed resorts, hotels and individuals and earning huge reputation for its quality and competitive rates. Thus, we are known as the most trusted poolside bed manufacturers and suppliers in India.

Various options of poolside bed

The courtyard provide you various range of option available for you in shape , size and design you can easily get those options supplied right at your door step. At the courtyard you can find you poolside bed in a few search. We also do customize you own poolside bed so that we can manufacture the best poolside bed just for you. We only provide quality products.

Silent Features of our Outdoor Poolside Bed :

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