The Most Beautiful Royal Gowns, Ranked (2023)

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The British Royal Family must abide by a list of centuries-old rules and protocols, and that extends to their fashion choices. That’s right — the Royals have a dress code. Take a look at our ranking of some of the most beautiful royal gowns.

Princess Diana in Catherine Walker

When visiting Hong Kong in 1989, Princess Diana wore this white silk, pearl, and sequin gown by Catherine Walker. Because of the matching bolero (ah, the ’80s), the press at the time dubbed the gown “the Elvis dress.” Whilst this look isn’t everyone’s taste, we reckon it’s a daring look by our favorite Royal rebel.

The Most Beautiful Royal Gowns, Ranked (1)

In 2012, designer Catherine Walker recalled, “She shone in the dress and the dress shone around her in a shimmering column of glistening pearls.”

Princess Anne in Floral Ruffles

Here we have Princess Anne — the Queen’s only daughter — in a very 1970s ruffled floral dress, paired with white evening gloves. The Princess was attending an event in London’s Dorchester Hotel, and looks almost bohemian, except for her signature chignon.

The Most Beautiful Royal Gowns, Ranked (2)

Princess Anne was an successful equestrian in her youth, and won two silver and one gold medal at the European Eventing Championships. Impressively, Anne was the first member of the British royal family to compete in the Olympic games.

Princess Diana in Hachi

This stunning, one-shoulder, white silk, silver beaded dress was custom-made for Princess Diana by Japanese designer Hachi. In this image, the Princess is attending the National Gallery in Washington D.C. in 1985.

The Most Beautiful Royal Gowns, Ranked (3)

The dress was one of the first one-shoulder gowns that Diana wore, and the shape went on to become one of her staples. This dress was part of an exhibition of Diana’s clothes, and was eventually sold at an auction for $60,000.

Princess Diana in Catherine Walker

Here we have another wild 1980s creation — this time paired with a large, sparkling tiara. This is Princess Diana in 1986 attending a royal wedding at the Crown Prince Palace in Saudi Arabia. This Catherine Walker gown was made from satin, and featured 1980s style puffy shoulders and long sleeves.

The Most Beautiful Royal Gowns, Ranked (4)

Royal women are only allowed to wear tiaras when they’re married, and only for formal occasions in the evening. Diana had her own family tiara, and had access to the Royal family’s jewels.

Princess Diana in Bruce Oldfield

Princess Diana was a true fashion risktaker. Princes William and Harry’s mother was always stepping out in an exciting new look, like this gold lamé evening gown by Bruce Oldfield. Fittingly, the Princess wore this outfit for the 1985 premiere of the latest James Bond movie, A View to Kill.

The Most Beautiful Royal Gowns, Ranked (5)

At this time, Diana was only 24 years old, and clearly enjoying the fashions of the 1980s. Shoulder pads? Check. Pleats? Check. Gold lamé? Check. And of course, with an ‘80s hairdo to match.

Princess Margaret in Pink

Here we have another all-star vintage photograph, but this time with the Queen’s younger sister, Princess Margaret. Here we see Margaret in the White House, dressed in pink with a matching jacket, clutching her evening gloves. She is joined by her husband, Antony Armstrong-Jones, President Lyndon Johnson, and his wife, Lady Bird Johnson.

The Most Beautiful Royal Gowns, Ranked (6)

Royal etiquette tells us that royal women don’t usually wear sleeveless dresses, as they must remain modest. However, they’re allowed to wear all the jewels they want!

Duchess Meghan in Safiyaa

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, is a controversial member of the British Royal Family. The American actress ultimately chose to leave the UK because of massive pressure and scrutiny. However, Markle is just like her mother-in-law, and pushes the royal fashion boundaries.

The Most Beautiful Royal Gowns, Ranked (7)

Here, the Duchess wears a Safiyaa gown while on a royal tour to Fiji. When visiting other nations, British royals usually pay tribute to their host country through their fashion. This vibrant blue dress pays homage to Fiji’s flag.

Princess Margaret in White

Princess Margaret had a tumultuous love life. She wanted to marry Peter Townsend, a man 15 years her senior that had a high level position in the royal household. Unfortunately, both the Church and the State opposed the union so she went on to marry Anthony Armstrong-Jones in 1960.

The Most Beautiful Royal Gowns, Ranked (8)

In this picture, taken in 1974, Margaret attends the ballet in New York City with her husband. For the occasion, the Princess wore a chic white embroidered dress with a cape.

Meghan Markle in Emilia Wickstead

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stepped out for their final royal engagement in September 2020. The couple attended a multi-faith service at Westminster Abbey alongside the Queen and other senior members of the royal family. Meghan looked stunning in this green, bespoke Emilia Wickstead gown.

The Most Beautiful Royal Gowns, Ranked (9)

Female royals are expected to wear hats, particularly for formal occasions like attending church. Meghan’s headpiece is the William Chambers Veil Explosion Teardrop Hat, and her purse is the Gabriela Hearst Demi Emerald Green Satin Tote.

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Princess Diana in Catherine Walker

Princess Diana had an impressive stature that made her look striking in almost every outfit. Here she is in 1993, wearing an emerald green Catherine Walker dress while attending a state banquet at the Dorchester Hotel. As you might expect, royals are required to dress modestly, with not too much skin on display.

The Most Beautiful Royal Gowns, Ranked (10)

Princess Diana was famous for holding her clutch to her chest when getting out of cars, so paparazzi couldn’t get any unflattering or inappropriate shots. Iconic!

Meghan Markle in Roland Mouret

Here we have a pregnant Meghan Markle in a stunning navy sequin Roland Mouret Dress. The Duchess of Sussex was attending a Cirque du Soleil performance, and wore the gown with a chic bun and dewy makeup. Markle wore Stuart Weitzman heels with this look, and accessorized with a chic Givenchy clutch.

The Most Beautiful Royal Gowns, Ranked (11)

Royal expert Myka Meier points out that female royals hold their purses in their left hand. This means that their right hand is free to shake hands and wave to the public.

Princess Diana in Catherine Walker

Princess Diana had a close relationship with designer Catherine Walker, who made the Royal over 1,000 looks in total. In this picture, Diana attends a ballet performance in London while wearing a pink and white sheath dress. The outfit is simple but elegant, with stylish details like cufflinks and a pink clutch.

The Most Beautiful Royal Gowns, Ranked (12)

Whilst many female royals wear gloves when they’re out and about, Diana famously disliked this, and wanted to touch people skin to skin. This made her beloved by the public, and known as “The People’s Princess.”

Kate Middleton in Emilia Wickstead

Here we have Duchess Catherine wearing a yellow coat dress from New Zealand designer Emilia Wickstead. In fact, Emilia Wickstead has a dress called “the Kate” that Middleton owns in at least three colors. Well, you would too, wouldn’t you?

The Most Beautiful Royal Gowns, Ranked (13)

In this image, Will and Kate were arriving in Bhutan for the second leg of their royal tour in 2016. Kate wore this outfit with nude L.K. Bennet courts, the L.K. Bennet Natalie clutch, and Brora’s Gold Charm earrings.

Princess Anne in Polka Dots

Princess Anne is played by Erin Doherty on The Crown, and is becoming a more popular member of the royal family thanks to the performance. In this incredible vintage photograph from 1973, the Princess poses in a pink polka-dot gown on the grand staircase at Buckingham Palace.

The Most Beautiful Royal Gowns, Ranked (14)

The Princess Royal has had a colorful life, including an attempted kidnapping in 1974, which she met with polite defiance. You can learn more about her in the 2018 documentary Queen of the World.

Queen Elizabeth in Norman Hartnell

Let’s go all the way back to 1953 and celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s fabulous coronation dress. This elaborate gown was designed by Norman Hartnell, a British fashion designer known for his work with the Royal Family. The dress was made from white duchess satin and silk, and was covered in thousands of beads and pearls.

The Most Beautiful Royal Gowns, Ranked (15)

Additionally, the gown was embroidered with flowers to represent the commonwealth nations. Like many other female royals, the Queen does re-wear her clothes, and wore this dress several times after her coronation.

Princess Anne in Floral Print

Fans of The Crown might have spotted Erin Doherty wearing something pretty similar to this 1970s floral dress in the series. The Princess Royal wore this high neck, balloon sleeve, floral dress in 1973 to a film premiere in London, which she attended with her husband.

The Most Beautiful Royal Gowns, Ranked (16)

Doherty has commented that to get Anne’s signature hairdo, it can take as long as two hours on set. The Princess herself remarked in an interview that it only takes her 10 or 15 minutes.

Duchess Kate in Jenny Packham

While on a royal tour of India in 2016, Duchess Catherine of Cambridge wore this royal blue dress by Jenny Packham. Middleton is praised for supporting up-and-coming British designers, and her every fashion move is charted across a host of fashion blogs.

The Most Beautiful Royal Gowns, Ranked (17)

This Jenny Packham gown was hand beaded in India, paying tribute to the host country. The gorgeous dress came with a matching cape, and a custom bag in the same color and fabric.

Princess Margaret in Blue

As previously established, Princess Margaret was historically famous for turning up to all sorts of events in the most dazzling, flamboyant gowns. And in 1965, this was no different. During a visit to America, the sister of Queen Elizabeth attended a private event at L.A.’s Hollywood Palladium.

The Most Beautiful Royal Gowns, Ranked (18)

She arrived with Lord Snowdon and showed off this stunning blue dress and coat to the paparazzi. With a beautiful tiara to finish off the look, cameras were flashing all night long.

The Queen Mother in White Chiffon

It’s not just Queen Elizabeth II who has been able to dazzle red carpets and attend many events over the years in the most iconic of gowns.

The Most Beautiful Royal Gowns, Ranked (19)

Her mother, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother was renowned for often threatening to upstage her daughter with her various gowns, crowns and sheer grace. In 1980, the Queen Mother showed up to her own 80th birthday celebration in a white chiffon evening gown, accompanied by a tiara and necklace.

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Princess Anne in White

They don’t call it the Royal Opera House for no reason whatsoever. This stunning venue often hosts the very best that the British royal family has to offer and will present some of the most beautiful stories ever told in the history of opera.

The Most Beautiful Royal Gowns, Ranked (20)

In 1980, Princess Anne attended an event at the London venue, wearing this gorgeous white dress that had an embroidered overlay. Needless to say, guests were struggling to concentrate on the production as all eyes were on Anne.

Kate Middleton in Alexander McQueen

Duchess Catherine is a huge fan of British fashion house Alexander McQueen, who made this prom style formal gown. Kate wore this blue taffeta dress to a state banquet at Buckingham Palace, paired with a stunning tiara.

The Most Beautiful Royal Gowns, Ranked (21)

Kate was slammed for this dress in the press, but we admire her daring fashion. The dress was accessorized with pearl earrings, a pearl necklace that belonged to the Queen Mother, the Cambridge Lovers’ Knot tiara, and a royal family order of the Queen.

Princess Diana in Catherine Walker

As you can already see, Princess Diana has an overwhelming number of iconic royal gowns on this list already. The following is another fine example but stands out because it is clearly a lot louder in color.

The Most Beautiful Royal Gowns, Ranked (22)

In 1988, the late ex-wife of Prince Charles wore this audacious Catherine Walker evening gown, with a black and red pattern, and only one shoulder. Diana turned up to a dinner in this dress, which was hosted by the British Ambassador while she was visiting Paris.

Queen Elizabeth in White

While there are plenty of figures in the British royal family who are famous for their stunning gowns and how they dress at any given event, nobody does it quite like the Queen herself.

The Most Beautiful Royal Gowns, Ranked (23)

There is something iconic about Elizabeth II, whether it be her crowns, her gowns, or the traditional wave she gives to her people. This portrait was taken in 1987 on the Queen’s 40th wedding anniversary to Prince Philip. She wore this white dress with a dot pattern.

Princess Margaret in Icy-Blue

Even later on in life, Princess Margaret never failed to impress paparazzi and fellow guests alike with her dazzling gowns of a variety of colors and styles.

The Most Beautiful Royal Gowns, Ranked (24)

In 1990, things were no different when the sister of the Queen attended the 90th birthday of her mother, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, at the London Palladium. Margaret wore an ice-blue dress, which was accompanied by blue earrings and a necklace of the same color.

Camilla in Black and White

While she might have a complicated relationship with the royal family and her history is full of twists and turns, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, always turns up to events looking like a true royal figure.

The Most Beautiful Royal Gowns, Ranked (25)

This was no different in 2013 when she took the short trip to Amsterdam to attend a dinner hosted by Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands with husband Prince Charles. Camilla finished off the dress in pure, classy form, with a tiara.

Duchess Catherine in Alexander McQueen

Another royal figure who has worn plenty of this lists’ most stunning gowns is Kate Middleton. Ever since tying the knot with Prince William, and even before, the Duchess of Cambridge has made a concerted effort to stand out from the rest of the family at whichever event she is attending.

The Most Beautiful Royal Gowns, Ranked (26)

This also applied in 2018, when Kate went on a royal tour of Sweden and Norway with William. At this formal state dinner, Kate wore a beautiful blush pink gown designed by Alexander McQueen.

Princess Diana in Bruce Oldfield

Another red dress that Princess Diana wasn’t afraid to show off was at the following event in 1989. She turned up to a banquet which was hosted at London’s Claridges, wearing this red gown which sparkled from head to toe. She can be seen wearing the classic Spencer tiara as she greets another guest.

The Most Beautiful Royal Gowns, Ranked (27)

It was Bruce Oldfield who designed the stunning dress and as you can see, Diana was extremely confident in what she was wearing, as she always was.

Meghan Markle in Stella McCartney

Another gown that Meghan Markle dazzled paparazzi with came in 2018 when she got changed midway through her wedding day to attend the reception with her new husband Prince Harry.

The Most Beautiful Royal Gowns, Ranked (28)

Meghan wanted to feel a bit more comfortable for the partying and so she changed into this bespoke white gown, which was designed by Stella McCartney. The high neckline definitely made the bride stand out from the crowd and empowered her to dance the night away with Harry.

Princess Diana in Versace

While Princess Diana experimented with short dresses for a period, she remained a fan of a full length evening gown. In this picture, taken in 1996, Diana was attending a gala dinner in Chicago. She wore a bright purple Gianni Versace column dress, accessorized with sapphire jewelry and a pearl choker. Her shoes and clutch were the same shade of purple.

The Most Beautiful Royal Gowns, Ranked (29)

After her marriage to Prince Charles ended, Diana went from Her Royal Highness to Diana, Princess of Wales.

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Meghan Markle in Preen

Here we have Meghan Markle in another fashion forward ensemble, this time while meeting with young leaders from the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust. This unusual rust-colored, asymmetric, pleated dress is the Glenda, designed by Preen by Thornton Bregazzi. This luxury online British fashion brand is also worn by Kate Middleton and Michelle Obama. We knew that Meghan kept good fashion company!

The Most Beautiful Royal Gowns, Ranked (30)

The Duchess of Sussex re-wears her clothing and jewelry, and is even doing so here with the Edge of Ember Wave stud earrings.

Duchess Catherine in Alexander McQueen

In 2011, Duchess Catherine of Cambridge stepped out in this pale purple, flowy Alexander McQueen gown. Middleton was attending the BAFTA Brits to Watch event in LA while on a royal visit to the USA and Canada.

The Most Beautiful Royal Gowns, Ranked (31)

Note that Kate Middleton has neutral nails in this image, as female royals are expected to only wear blush, nude, or clear polish on their fingernails. With this Grecian look, Kate wore the Jimmy Choo Ubai clutch and Jimmy Choo Vamp Glitter sandals.

Princess Margaret in Christian Dior

Isn’t this picture stunning? Here we have Princess Margaret all the way back in 1951, posing for a birthday portrait taken by British photographer Cecil Beaton. This gorgeous dress was one-shouldered, cream, embellished in gold, and made by none other than Christian Dior. Margaret has accessorized the gown with a jeweled necklace and earrings.

The Most Beautiful Royal Gowns, Ranked (32)

The Princess is played by Vanessa Kirby in seasons one and two of The Crown, and then by Helena Bonham Carter in the third season.

Princess Diana in Catherine Walker

We know that Princess Diana loved Catherine Walker designs, and in this photograph, she’s wearing another one. The Princess of Wales wore this pale blue number to the Cannes Film Festival, alongside her husband, Prince Charles.

The Most Beautiful Royal Gowns, Ranked (33)

Diana was initially quite shy as a member of the Royal Family, but became a beloved public figure because of her kindness and charm. This delicate chiffon gown really made Diana look like a sweetheart, and its romantic pleats are fit for a princess.

Queen Elizabeth in Seafoam Green

As a member of the British Royal Family, Queen Elizabeth can’t risk any fashion snafus. For this reason, the Royal has a nifty trick to avoid any occasion where her skirt or dress might embarrassingly blow up. Pennyweights — an old type of British weight — are sewn into the hemlines of the Queen’s clothes, so no pesky breezes can ruin her ensemble.

The Most Beautiful Royal Gowns, Ranked (34)

The Queen wore this gorgeous dress to a royal banquet in Morocco. We love the long balloon sleeves, and stylish seafoam color.

Kate Middleton in Jenny Packham

This picture was taken when Kate and Will attended the Tusk Trust Awards at the Royal Society in London in 2013. It was actually the couple’s first night out following the birth of their son, George. This stunning, pale gold, sequined gown was custom-made for Kate and featured a bateau neckline, a brooch-accented empire waist, and a keyhole at the back.

The Most Beautiful Royal Gowns, Ranked (35)

The Duchess of Cambridge wore her glittery Jimmy Choo Vamp court shoes — and of course, a beautiful set of jewelry that included matching diamond earrings and a bracelet.

Queen Elizabeth in Yellow

Have you ever noticed that Queen Elizabeth often, if not always, wears bright colors? Well, it’s not just because she likes a pop of color (though she really does). You see, the Queen has to be seen when she’s out and about, or what’s the point in her being out at all? It’s kind of a safety thing, too, so that she can always be spotted.

The Most Beautiful Royal Gowns, Ranked (36)

In this picture form 1976, the Queen wears a gorgeous yellow gown while on a state visit to Washington D.C.

Queen Elizabeth in Tulle

We just love these vintage pictures of royals wearing stunning, detailed ballgowns. This photograph is from 1952, and depicts a newly coronated Queen Elizabeth posing in a tulle gown with metallic lace embellishments. Of course, she’s also wearing one of her crowns, and a collection of expensive jewels.

The Most Beautiful Royal Gowns, Ranked (37)

In general, Queen Elizabeth prefers wearing skirts and dresses to pants. Perhaps this isn’t surprising considering her age, but it does impact royal dress codes. Duchesses Kate and Meghan follow suit by wearing mainly dresses to royal events.

Kate Middleton in Issa

When Kate Middleton appeared on the scene, fashion journalists were quick to come up with “The Kate Effect.” This new term described the fact that everything the Duchess wore in public quickly sold out soon after.

The Most Beautiful Royal Gowns, Ranked (38)

After Kate wore this silk-jersey blue wrap dress to announce her engagement, British designer Issa sold out in 43 countries. In fact, Issa was massively overwhelmed with the demand, as it had been a niche brand until that point. Sadly, they closed due to the stress.

Princess Diana in Pink Silk

While Princess Diana liked to rock a shoulder pad and a shorter hem, she also looked simply divine in floaty, more traditionally feminine gowns. Here she is in 1983 while on an official visit to Australia. This pink, silk, full length dress went down very well in the media — and unsurprisingly, the Princess was declared “pretty in pink.” Well, obviously!

The Most Beautiful Royal Gowns, Ranked (39)

As was often the case, Diana accessorized this ensemble with her iconic sapphire ring, matching necklace, earrings, and bracelet.

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Meghan Markle in Givenchy

The marvelous Mrs. Markle has sent the British press into a frenzy more than once, and this outfit caused its own media storm. Absurdly, in this picture at the 2018 Fashion Awards, Meghan is breaking royal protocol. You see, the Queen only likes neutral or subtle pink colored nail polish, and here, Meghan has a dark manicure. Imagine!

The Most Beautiful Royal Gowns, Ranked (40)

Critics were also irritated that Meghan was cradling her bump during this event, and throughout her pregnancy. Come on, guys — look at that one-shouldered Givenchy gown instead!

Princess Diana in Bruce Oldfield

British designer Bruce Oldfield helped turn Diana, Princess of Wales into “Dynasty Di,” a fabulous 1980s fashion icon. Oldfield started life in an orphanage, and remembers dancing with Diana at a charity fashion show and ball for Barnardos — a British charity for vulnerable children.

The Most Beautiful Royal Gowns, Ranked (41)

For that event, in 1988, Diana wore this incredible silver pleated lame dress, and looked like a true Hollywood star. Oldfield remembers, “Everyone just wanted to get up and be close […] It didn’t get better than that.”

Princess Diana in Belville Sassoon

British fashion designer Belville Sassoon made over 70 gowns for Princess Diana. In fact, he remembers that “when she got engaged, her mother brought her in to us and asked us to make the going-away outfit.” Belville has also made clothes for Princess Margaret, Jackie Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn, and Elizabeth Taylor.

The Most Beautiful Royal Gowns, Ranked (42)

Diana wore this blue lace ballgown in 1981 while attending an exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum. The next day, she announced her pregnancy with Prince William.

Kate Middleton in Alexander McQueen

Kate Middleton wore this elegant, long-sleeved, nude, Alexander McQueen dress to celebrate her sister’s wedding in 2017. Kate has a close relationship with McQueen designer Sarah Burton, and had this dress custom-made for the occasion.

The Most Beautiful Royal Gowns, Ranked (43)

To complete her nude ensemble, Kate wore Gianvito Rossi suede pumps in “praline,” a hat by Jane Taylor, and morganite and diamond drop earrings by Kiki McDonough. This stripped back color palette works well for a family member’s wedding, as it means Kate isn’t grabbing any attention.

Meghan Markle in Oscar de la Renta

The fashion blogs were all aflutter about this gorgeous dress worn by Meghan Markle while she visited Australia and New Zealand. The white tulle gown is part of Oscar de la Renta’s Pre-Fall 2018 collection, and features tweed laser cut bird motifs. How thrilling!

The Most Beautiful Royal Gowns, Ranked (44)

Take note of Meghan’s natural and simple hair and makeup in this picture. Royal women are expected to wear their hair “neat and natural,” and to avoid statement makeup looks. It’s all about the dress!

Princess Diana in Victor Edelstein

Diana once wore the “Elvis dress,” and this Victor Edelstein creation was the “Travolta dress.” Diana wore this off-the-shoulder, midnight blue, velvet dress while visiting the White House in 1985 to have dinner with President Ronald Reagan and his wife, Nancy. Amusingly, Diana asked if they would invite Grease star John Travolta, because she was a huge fan.

The Most Beautiful Royal Gowns, Ranked (45)

Diana twirled around the dancefloor with her childhood crush, creating an iconic pop-culture moment. The dress sold for $347,000 at auction.

Meghan Markle in Safiyya

While it’s been said that Kate Middleton dresses similarly to her mother in law, Princess Diana, it’s arguable that Meghan Markle is actually more like the fearless fashionista. While Kate does favor British designers and wear similar colors and shapes to Diana, Meghan is more of a risk-taker and not bothered by royal protocol.

The Most Beautiful Royal Gowns, Ranked (46)

Here, Markle looks absolutely stunning in a bright red Safiyya column dress with capelet shoulders. It’s a bonus that she matches Prince Harry’s military outfit.

Princess Diana in Christina Stambolian

Who could forget this iconic ensemble by Greek designer Christina Stambolian? The story goes that Diana intended to wear a Valentino dress to a Vanity Fair dinner at the Serpentine Gallery. Unfortunately, Valentino released a press release about the dress, so Diana changed her mind at the last minute, choosing Stambolian instead.

The Most Beautiful Royal Gowns, Ranked (47)

The dress came to be known as “the revenge dress.” The Telegraph said, “This is a dress that shows Diana, Princess of Wales fully in command of a sense of her own value.”

Princess Margaret in Pink Tulle

Here’s yet another stunning birthday portrait of Princess Margaret. This picture was taken for the Princess’s 19th birthday, and really captures her striking beauty. In the picture, Margaret wears a full-skirted tulle dress embroidered with blue butterflies. She accessorized it with several strings of pearls.

The Most Beautiful Royal Gowns, Ranked (48)

Apparently, The Crown chose to recreate this dress, and it was one of the most expensive costumes they made. Of course, they took home three Emmys for their incredible costumes, so we bet it was worth it!

Duchess Catherine in Jenny Packham

British royals are known for supporting British fashion designers, and Duchess Catherine of Cambridge is no different. The Duchess — or Catherine, or Kate — is a fan of Jenny Packham gowns, and regularly steps out in her creations. This is a blush metallic gown with elaborate detailing.

The Most Beautiful Royal Gowns, Ranked (49)

This was one of Kate’s first appearances after her globally televised 2011 royal wedding. According to etiquette experts, when dressing, royals need to look “memorably good” as a way of complimenting those waiting for them.

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Queen Elizabeth in Norman Hartnell

In this incredible photograph from 1961, we can see Queen Elizabeth II (known simply as, The Queen) with her husband, Prince Philip, American President John F. Kennedy, and his wife, Jackie Kennedy. Now, that’s a lot of history in one photo!

The Most Beautiful Royal Gowns, Ranked (50)

For this special occasion, the Queen wore a blue Norman Hartnell ballgown with white gloves. The First Lady also wore blue with white gloves, although her dress was a straight cut, icy blue number. The Queen accessorized with plenty of sapphires.


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Sir Norman Hartnell (1901 – 79) was the star of London couture during the interwar years, gaining international fame as dressmaker to the British royal family. This abridged extract from his autobiography describes the most momentous commission of his career: the Coronation dress of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

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It turns out, rewearing outfits is a do for the royals. Naturally, Middleton's sartorial history is jam-packed with some outstanding outfit repeats from her rewearing of the christening outfits that she had made for her childrens' big days and even repeating coats that she is rumored to have designed herself.

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While she has countless colorful ensembles, there's a good chance that the Queen will wear her outfits on several occasions, even if the public doesn't know it. In her 2019 memoir The Other Side of the Coin: The Queen, The Dresser and the Wardrobe, Kelly wrote, "Her Majesty is always thrifty.

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The dress is made from ivory silk and decorated with crystals and 10,000 seed pearls. In 1947 Britain was still subject to rationing, so The Queen, then Princess Elizabeth, collected clothing coupons to pay for the dress.

What brand does the Queen wear? ›

Burberry. We're all prone to a classic Burberry trench – even the royal family. The brand currently holds two Royal Warrants from Queen Elizabeth II and King Charles III, but has been dressing the people of London since 1856. This is a quintessentially British brand with a solid footing in the royal wardrobe.

Where is the Queen's wedding dress kept? ›

Later, Fashion Designer Norman Hartnell turned the fabric into the wedding dress and it is now kept at the Royal Museum at Buckingham Palace.

Which country leads in fashion? ›

France is the leading country for the fashion industry in the world, according to the Brands Countries IPX by IFDAQ. With more than 2,300 index points, France was ahead of Italy (2,205 points) and the U.S. (1,866 points).

What is the national dress of America? ›

The United States is usually known for western wear, which includes denim jeans, cowboy hats, and flannel shirts. These are long-sleeved shirts that are typically made from wool, though cotton varieties are also available.

What country has the most attractive people? ›

The people of Ukraine have been named as the sexiest in the world, according to a new survey. The people living from the Western steppes Liviv of to the Donbas were found to be the most attractive, followed by Danish and Filipino in third.

Who is the Most beautiful Girl in the world 2022? ›

Adriana Lima has become the most beautiful woman in the world in 2022. She was the longest-running model and in 2017 she was named ” the most valuable Victoria's Secret Angel”. According to Top 10's list, Adriana Lima has topped the list.

Who is the most beautiful woman in the world ever? ›

According to Science, Bella Hadid is the Most Beautiful Woman in the World. Find out how the supermodel's face was measured for almost absolute symmetry. According to a study by renowned cosmetic surgeon Julian De Silva, Bella Hadid holds the crown for the most beautiful woman in the world.

Which is the most beautiful dress in India? ›

If you are wondering which is the most beautiful Indian dress, then it is a lehenga choli. From young girls to adult women, everyone loves to wear a lehenga choli. It has got a unique admiration among women of all ages.

Why do Russians wear Sarafan? ›

It was the Russian peasantry who preserved the richness and beauty of traditional Russian dress. There are two major types of Russian ethnic dress: the sarafan and the poneva. A sarafan is a loosely fitting long jumper dress worn over a long linen shirt and belted.


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