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Posted on May 18th, 2020 by artsample.

What is the purpose of a chaise lounge? | Home Interior Design and Furniture Blog | Art Sample Home (1)

Learn what is a chaise lounge and why it might be the best option for your home. Click here to learn more.

Comfortable, stylish seating is the backbone of any living room. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult deciding on what sort of accommodation is going to work best with your existing décor. While the first choice for many might be a standard sofa, it’s worth considering that there are other options out there to make for a more exciting yet comfortable living space. Living room chaises are one such choice. Chaise lounges are functional, stylish, and suitable for lounging around on, as the name suggests.

Chaise vs. sofa: what is the difference?

The main difference between a living room chaise and a traditional sofa is the back of the chair. Chaises typically have a back with a uniform height placed along the shorter side of the seat, much like a standard chair. Sofas generally feature a back that runs along the long side of the seat.

Now that we’ve established the fundamental difference between a chaise longue and a sofa, it’s time to consider why a chaise might be the best option for your home:

1) A chaise can make a small room appear larger

If you’ve only got a small living space to contend with, a backless chaise longue can make the room seem bigger. A chaise lounge in the middle of the room doesn’t have much visual impact and will appear more graceful than a big sofa.

2) Chaise lounges are incredibly versatile

Sometimes, a standard sofa just doesn’t work. If you’ve got a space with an unorthodox shape, finding living room furniture that fits can be something of a puzzle. Living room chaises are a way to effortlessly solve this puzzle while still retaining some serious style.

3) Double-up for further seating space

Placing two chaise lounges in the middle of the room will create a cosy, symmetrical space for two people to relax in style, or for groups to assemble in front of the television (for example, during a major sporting event).

4) A chaise won’t interrupt your view

Chaise lounges are generally quite close to the ground. This means that they won’t interrupt your sightlines, and they can be used in front of focal points, such as windows, fireplaces, or archways, without detracting from the other features in the room.

5) Interesting sculptural elements

If your living room is staid, boring and made up of rectangles and straight lines, a chaise could be perfect for breaking up the monotony of all those right-angles. Try throwing some curves into the mix with a stylish chaise lounge and create an interesting discussion point for your visitors while also gaining somewhere practical to rest, relax and unwind.

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